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Prophesy to Rivers of Life Church by Dr Jonathan David
9 July 2004

Justin, the Spirit of God shows me that you have kept simplicity and integrity in your heart. And the Lord is saying to you even in this hour, this is gonna be your time to rise. He’s gonna multiply strength in your church, He’s gonna multiply numerical. There’s gonna be a company of young people that are gonna come into the House. There’s a new generation of young men and young women that are gonna come into your church and they are gonna begin to become responsive. They are gonna become discipled. They’re gonna become trained. They’re gonna become very sharp arrows in the hand of God in your church.

And the Lord is saying in this hour, I will give to you a new influx of young men and young women who will become arrows in your quiver that you can begin to use for the extension and advancement of the kingdom.

Even though in the beginnings of your church life has been slow, it’s been a slow steady, progressive growth – a little by little, line upon line, precept upon precept. But the Lord is saying, wait for ’05. Because it’s gonna be a day of acceleration in your church. There’s gonna be a quick growth in your House. There’s gonna be quick maturity in your house. There’s gonna a quick excitement in the house. It’s gonna be like somebody has set fire to the flames of God that are already there. Somebody is gonna set fire as it were, to the gas that is already breaking out. There’s gonna be an engulfing flame that’s gonna come about in the house.

Get ready says the Lord in the year ’05. You’re gonna see new things happening in your church. There’s gonna come a new measure of breakthroughs with the young men and the young women that will begin to come. The youth will become a strong part of the House of God. The youth are gonna become a strong part of the church. God is saying don’t just leave it to others to do but you will begin to speak into them. You will begin to father them. You will begin to minister into them because it’s your impartation that will place a pattern in their heart for the future. Because many of them are who gonna come to you in this season are gonna become the future leaders of the church tommorrow. And God is saying, I’m gonna give you wisdom to scout out those men and women and begin to train them for future leadership positions because they are going to go with you for battle. And God is gonna give you wisdom to begin to watch these men and these women and see them grow. Put into them so that they can get ready to stand with you, alongside with you in the frontlines of the battlefield.

The Lord is saying, because you’ve kept the integrity of your heart, because you’ve kept your heart from becoming contaminated. And because you have kept yourself from beginning to conform to the image of all the pressure and things are happening around about you but you have locked yourself in a corner and you have said to yourself, “God I’m just gonna be faithful, do what you’ve called me to do”.

And God is saying to you, I’m gonna give you a strong teaching priest anointing, that as you begin to teach and preach the Word, people’s hearts are will be connected to Him. People’s hearts are gonna be connected to His presence And they will desire and long for a relationship that they have never had before.

God is gonna grant to you today the voice as it were a teaching priest, that as you start to preach, teach and minister, the hearts of the people will become connected devotionally to Him. And they will be drawn to His presence and long for His presence like that they have never had that desire and yearning in their heart.

Even this Sunday as you begin to minister, you are gonna start to draw the hearts of the people to the presence of God. And their heart is gonna be yielded to God’s presence. And God is saying that even this Sunday it will begin to break out. So get ready says the Lord, for I have seen the integrity of your heart and you have seen the new things that I’m saying that I will do in this nation. You have sat in that place and you have said “God I don’t want to miss this move, I want my whole church to latch on to this thing and I will enter in.”

And God is saying, the favour of God is gonna be upon you. There will be many in your church that will arise and move on forward. They will not turn to the left or to the right because momentum and grace is gonna come upon you as a church. ’05 is your year of breakthrough. ’05 is a year of growth. It’s gonna be a year of supernatural breakthroughs. The year that God is gonna accelerate things inside your heart. Even your ministry will begin to go to a next level. Even your ministry will walk to a new level. God is gonna grant to you revelation. He’s gonna touch your ears and grant to you ears that will hear the sound of God’s voice. Morning by morning He will speak to you. Morning by morning He’s gonna communicate to you and that word is gonna burn within your heart.

When you open your mouth and begin to teach and preach and minister, that word will burn the hearts of many. And many will run to the Lord because the teaching priest anointing He placed upon you.

In Jesus’ Name, receive that!