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23th October 2005 - Prophesy - Pastor Ron Henry
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Year 2018    
Speaker Date Topic Download MP3
Pastor Justin Leong 18 Feb Sermon + Sermon (9.0 MB)
CNY Pastor Oh Beng Kee 10 Feb 16 Days Of the Lunar New Year + Sermon (10.1 MB)
+ Sermon Notes
KOG Pastors 4 Feb Sermon + Sermon (10.4 MB)
Gordon Oh / Adrienna Tan 28 January The Revolutionary Idea of Destiny / Comm(UNITY) + Sermon (6.9 MB)
+ Sermon Notes
Pastor Paul Ooi 21 January How to Forgive + Sermon (10.9 MB)
+ Sermon Notes
ROLC Members 14 January Thanksgiving Sunday We regret to inform that due to a technical glitch, the recording for 14 Jan will not be available.
Pastor Andrew Foo 07 January Vision 2018 + Sermon (11.0 MB)